On galactic surveys

VPHAS+ and IPHAS: wide-field photometry

Presented at the Gaia-ESO Survey First Science conference, 8-11 Apr 2013, Nice – France

IPHAS Quality Control

Presented at the European Galactic Plane Surveys meeting, 4-5 Feb 2013, Nijmegen – Netherlands

VPHAS+ Mosaicking

Presented at the European Galactic Plane Surveys meeting, 10-11 Sep 2012, Warwick – UK

On stellar astronomy

Bayesian inference of T Tauri star properties using multi-wavelength survey photometry

Presented at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, 1-6 Jul 2012, Rome – Italy

Young clusters in IPHAS and Infrared surveys

Presented at the Optical/IR Galactic Plane Surveys Meeting, 18-22 Jul 2011, University of Hertfordshire – UK

Where do stars form and how do we know?

Presented at the Cosmos Star Party, 1-3 Apr 2011, Tullamore – Ireland

On meteor science

How to measure the flux of large meteoroids?

Presented at the International Meteor Conference 2012, 20-23 Sep 2012, La Palma – Spain

Amateur Meteor Observing, and a possible Draconid outburst on 2011 October 8

Presented at the Irish Astronomical Association, 5 Oct 2011, Queens University Belfast – UK

Monitoring the meteoroid flux using worldwide volunteers

Presented at .Astronomy 3, 3-6 April 2011, Oxford – UK

Meteor astrometry – what accuracy do we need?

Presented at the 2010 Meteor Orbit Determination workshop #03, ESA/ESTEC – The Netherlands

The Virtual Meteor Observatory – 2.5 million meteors in one database

Presented at a European Space Agency Internal Seminar, 27 June 2008, ESA/ESTEC, Netherlands