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Footprint of the IPHAS Galactic Plane survey

As part of my post-doc at the University of Hertfordshire, I’m helping to calibrate, release and exploit data obtained by the INT Photometric H-Alpha Survey (IPHAS). This is a 1800 deg2 optical survey of the Northern Galactic Plane, carried out in the narrow-band Hα and broad-band Sloan r’/i’ filters. I’ll be talking more about the survey in future posts, but as a warm-up I produced this plot of the survey’s 15270 telescope pointings:

Footprint of the IPHAS survey.

Let me explain this footprint briefly. The survey uses the Wide-Field Camera (WFC) at the 2.5-meter Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) in La Palma. This camera consists of four thinned 2048 × 4096 pixel CCDs arranged in an L shape like this: Read the rest of this entry